About Us


Ashley Mui
Founder of Gratuity Included

Ashley is the generous founder of Gratuity Included. She has been immersed in service initiatives around the world, a practitioner of meditation & sound healing, a moondancer, and an event & film producer. All of her life experiences continue to inspire her thinking and generates a loving consciousness into her work as a creator and leader.

She believes that gratitude is medicine, and one must serve themselves first before serving others. All goods and experiences are created out of her personal need - a moment to reflect, a practice of declaring positive affirmations, and a commitment to ensuring her loved ones receive love and gratitude in the mail.

Gratuity Included was created out of a deep profound appreciation for life; it's a home for those who perpetuate connection, reciprocity, and love for all people, places, and things on this planet. In the wake of a community tragedy of losing a friend's daughter to suicide, a little book of affirmations series was birthed to uplift the emotional and spiritual determination of people everywhere.

Co-Founder of Gratuity Included

Human is the creative crusader behind Gratuity Included. A Swiss army knife of talent he’s best known for his 10+ years of photographing creative culture and the modern re-imaginations of design for start ups who dream awake. His life reflects his ever-evolving portfolio of contribution - a kaleidoscopic vision of the human spirit with surrendered egos in service for the greater good.

Human believes no matter your current state, a fulfilled life starts by being grateful and then you’ll notice other minted virtues such as love, kindness, patience and honor follow in fellowship. The profound habit of gratitude is the key to move from the mundane to the magical.

Gratuity Included is a generous invitation and defined celebration to the enormous privilege and adventure of life. Relying on a living map of amusing personal experiences, a wealth of research, and rituals of discovery, Human is honoured to share the treasury of benefits and healing values of practicing gratitude in artful alignment.