Be Great(ful) - a little book of affirmations


Know that your gratitude matters. It makes the world a better place. And because being great and being grateful go hand in hand, Be Great(ful) is full of gratitude affirmations that illuminate the path when you need to look at life with fresh eyes, live life more amplified, and honor your visions and dreams.

This little book was created to acknowledge you for all the greatness that already exists within you. Whether you carry this gem in your back pocket, place it on your altar, keep it in your bathroom and read it as you sit upon your throne, or read it aloud in front of the mirror, it is guaranteed to uplift you and inspire you to operate with love and gratitude.

Three friends - Ashley Mui, Human, & Izetta Pritchard birthed this book to remind you that you are great!

Dedicated to Siwe Zippee Monsanto, a young vibrant creative young woman who dreamt of writing childrens book. #SiweLives

Be Great(ful) was created and gifted to 200+ young women at 2015 Sista-2-Sista youth Summit. For more info go to Proceeds of the book have been given to Gye Nyame Empowerment Center and organizations committed to suicide prevention.

Express responsibly.