KNOW THYSELF - a little book of affirmations


"I AM" is the most powerful affirmation to declare to the Universe. It connects you to the divine the resides within you. To know thyself is to have a complete thought about Self. And throughout the process of knowing - express words that make you feel good. This little book is an invitation to take a moment to acknowledge everything that you are - whole and complete. Give power to your voice by declaring an affirmation. Speak positively about who you are. Cause doing so is an ACT OF LOVE!

A tribe of women from all over the globe, a.k.a Fastgirls, contributed to this book by offering affirmations to remind us that we are whole and complete.

Dedicated to Monique "MJ" Akers Hunt for constantly affirming life within her #tinyvillage. We love you! #RIP

Know Thyself was gifted to over 200+ young women at the 2016 Sista-2-Sista youth Summit. For more info go to

Affirm responsibly.