Own The Mic: a little book of affirmations


The Master of Ceremony or “emcee” is one who has an intimate relationship with the mic. On a stage or during a sacred ceremony, an emcee by virtue is someone we trust to guide our experience. You are the master. And your life is a ceremony. Become an emcee who works, practices, honors the mic by being responsible with every word you spit.

This little book is an invitation for you to think before speak, and use the mic to share your story, sing your song, and stand for something you believe in. Practice by expressing the affirmations that live inside of this little book. Cultivate the “emcee” within you, and let every expression be a reflection of the highest version of Self.
A tribe of fierce women contributed to this book by offering affirmations to remind us to lift our voices up.

Dedicated to All of the Masters of Ceremonies, ‘cause deep within there is an “emcee” in all of us.

Own The Mic was gifted to over 200+ women and young girls at the 2017 Sista-2-Sista youth Summit. For more info go to www.s2syouthsummit.org.

Harmonize responsibly.